English Language Learners
June 13, 2011

Yours, Mine, Ours: English Language Learners (ELLs) in New York State

Source: Research and Educational Services


Looking for a helpful resource to hand out at your school's parent night in the fall to parents of English language learners? The Spanish version of NYSUT's ELL Parent Booklet is now available in addition to the English version.

If you would like a hard copy of the ELL parent booklet, either in Spanish or in English, please send an email message that includes the number of copies that you would like to request and the address where you would like them to be sent. Melanie Pores at

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New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) is very pleased to have partnered with the New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc. (NYS PTA) in developing this guide for parents of English
language learners (ELL). This partnership between our two organizations reflects the positive relationship that should exist between home and school. We can say from experience, that when it comes to helping students do well in school, parents’ support makes a big difference.

Teachers know that it takes all of us — parents and educators — working together to help students do well. We cannot, and should not, do it alone. You know your children best. And no one is better prepared to help us, help them, than you are. It is only when parents, who understand their child, and teachers, who have knowledge of classroom instruction, work together, that children will reach their fullest potential.

When parents and educators work together, the best interests of the child are met. We hope that this guidebook will provide you with the information you need to help your child succeed in school. Know your rights as a parent so you can be a strong advocate for your child’s future.

Dr. Maria Fletcher
President New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc.

Richard C. Iannuzzi,
President, NYSUT

Topics Covered:

  • What help is available in school if my child speaks little or no English?
  • If my child is eligible for services, what amount of ESL services is my child entitled to receive?
  • As a parent, may I refuse ESL services for my child?
  • What are ESL instructional services?
  • What are the bilingual services that my child may be eligible to receive?
  • When are schools required to provide bilingual services?
  • What testing accommodations is my child entitled to receive as an English language learner?
  • What other instructional support services are available for my child?
  • How will I be informed of my child’s school performance?
  • What services are available when my child is no longer eligible for ESL or bilingual services?

Complete Document: PDF Downloads

For further information contact:
Melanie Pores, Assistant in Educational Services at NYSUT
800-342-9810, ext. 6057, or