Take a Look at Teaching!

Are you a college, middle or high school student thinking about your future?

Are you an adult considering a career change?

If you’re searching for future job ideas, or thinking about a career switch, take a look at teaching.

  • Take a Look

    Teaching is a stable and rewarding profession, and with a teacher shortage on the horizon, it’s also an in-demand profession.

  • Summits

    Our summits in urban, rural, and suburban communities across the state are aimed at cultivating relationships and exploring solutions to the teacher shortage and teacher diversity challenges facing our schools. Our next event is planned for Western New York in January. Join us!

  • How to Become a Teacher

    The steps to becoming a teacher in New York State are rigorous - but rewarding.
  • Why Teach?

    If you enjoy working with students and being a leader, and you’re ready to inspire and make a difference, teaching might be a great fit for you.
  • Profile: Dharini Adhvaryu

    “I could be one scientist — or I could be a teacher and I could raise hundreds.”
  • Testimonials

    Teachers talk teaching. "The most rewarding career you could ever choose... teaching is a profession that is conducted through your heart."

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