take a look at teaching

Are you interested in becoming a teacher?

Are you a college, middle or high school student thinking about your future? Are you an adult considering a career change? If you’re searching for future job ideas, or thinking about a career switch, take a look at teaching. It just might be the future you're looking for.

  • Why Teach?

    If you enjoy working with students and being a leader, and you’re ready to inspire and make a difference, teaching might be a great fit for you. Teaching is also a career with competitive pay and some of the best benefits available.
  • How to Become a Teacher

    Whether you're a student thinking about becoming a teacher, or looking at changing careers, there are educational and certification requirements to becoming a teacher. Here's a simple look at what's required to pursue your teaching career.
  • Resources

    We have a wide set of resources on teacher education programs, student loan assistance, teacher certification job listings.
  • Testimonials

    What are current teachers saying about their profession? Take a look.
  • Support New Teachers

    Resources to help education stakeholders to support and encourage students and career-changers to consider careers in teaching.

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