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Support the 'Take a Look at Teaching' Initiative

Take a Look at Teaching is a union-led initiative with four goals:

  • Elevating the teaching profession by having meaningful conversations about becoming a teacher and instructional practice
  • Improving diversity in the education workforce
  • Increasing the number of students and career changers entering the teaching field
  • Expanding P-12/higher education partnerships to enhance teacher recruitment and support new teachers

Are you ready to support new and prospective teachers in your community?

  • About the Initiative

    Why has NYSUT launched this initiative? To combat the teacher shortage. To increase diversity in the profession. To change lives. Join us!

  • Get Involved!

    Take part in a "Take a Look at Teaching" summit in your region. Support our legislative initiatives. Get involved with recruiting new teachers in your local community.

  • Events

    Learn about our statewide summits and check out our Campus Conversation Toolkit to host an event in your community.

  • For Prospective Teachers

    We offer a wide array of resources for students and career-changers who are considering a career in education.

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