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New York is facing a teacher shortage that has emerged in urban, rural and suburban communities across the state. Enrollment in teacher education programs has declined precipitously, the number of recognized shortage areas is on the rise, and one third of the state’s teachers could retire in the next five years. Meanwhile, the lack of diversity in the education workforce continues to be a concern.

We hope you find these resources helpful whether you are working toward or considering a career in education, supporting aspiring educators, or starting a conversation in your community about the teacher shortage and workforce diversity challenges we face.

This work begins by engaging in dialogue, strengthening relationships, and focusing on solutions. NYSUT relies on members like you to lead the way. Thank you for being a leader in your community and for helping us reach our goals and spread this work across the state. Now, let’s take a look at teaching together!

VIDEO: Learn about NYSUT's 'Take a Look at Teaching' initiative

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