Voter Guide

voter guide

Dear NYSUT members:

voter guideWe are pleased to provide this Voter Guide and special Retiree Edition so YOU and your VOTE can help move the state and the nation away from regressive corporatism and toward progressive solutions.

We don’t need to spell out all the ways that 2020 is different from other election years in recent memory, but one thing you need to think about is the need to vote safely and to vote early. Thanks in part to our efforts, concern about exposure to COVID-19 is now an official reason to secure an absentee ballot. If you plan to vote by mail, we urge you to request a mail-in ballot promptly.

Only through a strong, unprecedented turnout from NYSUT members can we ensure that the best interests of students, educators, health care professionals, retired members and New York’s public education system, from Pre-K through higher ed, will come through this pandemic stronger than before. Our state and our country are clearly at a crossroads, and the decisions we make this fall will impact what happens from the halls of power in Washington, D.C., to the capitol in Albany and in each and every community in New York.

This guide provides the complete list of NYSUT-endorsed candidates as recommended by our local presidents and NYSUT’s Political Action Committee, and approved by the union’s Board of Directors. Please take the time to read and consider this information before you cast your ballot. You will be able to vote by mail, vote early in your community, or on Election Day at your local polls, but it is most important to make a plan and to cast your ballot. Your VOTE is Our Voice for Our Union and Our Values.

In Solidarity,

The NYSUT Officers

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voter guide

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