Martin Messner

Secretary Treasurer

Martin Messner, elected NYSUT's secretary-treasurer in April 2014, is the past president of the Schoharie Teachers' Association. He taught health and physical education in Schoharie for 11 years at both the junior and senior high school levels.

A staunch proponent of grassroots unionism, Messner is also founder and president of the Foothills Area Council of Teachers, a consortium of nine regional NYSUT locals with more than 1,235 members. In that role, he led a local effort to use television ads to spread a pro-public education/anti-corporate reform message to 1.6 million households and 10 media markets.

Messner was honored with an American Federation of Teachers Everyday Hero Award in 2012 for his efforts to rebuild his community during Hurricane Irene and in its aftermath. Messner promotes a grassroots form of unionism, community outreach and being proactive on issues related to public education.

Messner is a graduate of the NYSUT and AFL-CIO Leadership Institutes and has served on NYSUT working groups and task forces.


May 2014