It's What We Do

It's What We Do is a place for dedicated professionals of New York State United Teachers to share their stories so that there's a deeper understanding of how what happens in classrooms, on college campuses, and in hospitals enhances the quality of life in New York state.

On the job and in the community, NYSUT members make a difference. It’s what we do.

 It's What We Do: Faith Perry

Teachers provide an anchor for Schenectady-area students

Faith Perry is all about the fabric of life. she is wearing the same look to school every single day, September to June, first bell to last hurrah, and every school assignment in between. Read more ...

Recycle Art Posters

This art teacher's on fire!

Hicksville art educator Diana Germinario's students' artwork has won again. THREE students were judged to be winners in the 2016 New York State Recycles! poster contest.

Stacy Herron

Stacy Herron: On a roll for missing and exploited children
When teacher Stacy Herron is on a roll, you will know about it. She doesn’t roll solo; she gathers people, steam and purpose as she spins her bicycle for the cases of missing and exploited children.

Exploding pumpkins? Testing DNA from crime scenes?
It’s all possible in Rochester teacher Joseph Zuniga’s world.

Kudos: 2016 NEA Foundation Awards have been announced.

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