October 08, 2015

Educational Resources for English Language Learners (ELLs)

Source: NYSUT Research and Educational Services

NYSUT Information

NYSED Websites

  • Guidance Documents
    Documents created in collaboration with the New York State - Bilingual/English as a Second Language (ESL) Technical Assistant Centers (NYS-BETAC) to assist Districts/Schools with the diverse educational needs of English Language Learners
  • Dept. Publications
    Language standards, resource guide, glossaries, more.

New York State Regional Bilingual and ESL Resource Networks (RBE-RNs)

  • RBE-RNs Locations
    Provide free technical assistance and resources for designing, implementing and enhancing educational services for limited English proficient/English language learners (LEP/ELLs) for districts in each region.

Bilingual Specialists at Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Centers (RSE-TACs)

  • RSE-TACs with Bilingual Specialists
    Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Centers (RSE-TASCs) are located throughout the state and are part of a statewide network that provides resources, information, consultation, coaching and staff development related to the education of students with disabilities. Bilingual Special Education Specialists are available at the RSE-TASCs to provide regional information and technical assistance to communicate compliance and effective practices for bilingual/English language learner (ELL) students with disabilities.

Useful Sites for Educators

Recommended Books & Articles

Online Resources for Bilingual Educators

Webinar Archives

For more information

Please contact Teresa Bashant, Assistant in Research and Educational Services at (800) 342-9810 ext. 6611 or e-mail Teresa at tbashant@nysutmail.org
should you require additional resources or assistance in relation to ELLs.