December 04, 2015

Retiree Membership Handbook

Source: NYSUT Retiree Services

Retiree HandbookMessage from the President

Congratulations on reaching retirement and entering a new and exciting phase of your life as a NYSUT retiree. On behalf of the NYSUT officers and Board of Directors, thank you for your energy, hard work and dedication to your job, your profession and our union. Your support of NYSUT throughout your career has made NYSUT what it is today: the strongest and largest statewide union of professional employees in the country.

You may have retired from your job, but it is our hope that you have not retired from union advocacy. Our retirees — over 200,000 strong and growing — are our day-time union and our boots on the ground in every community. NYSUT retirees are our collective voice of experience that those in the state Capitol and in Washington, DC, cannot ignore.

We make it easy for you to continue to be involved in NYSUT once you retire. This handbook outlines everything you need to know about being a NYSUT retiree and how to stay connected with the union and your fellow retirees.

NYSUT offers retiree members many services and benefits, including retiree membership; access to publications, programs and consultants to help meet your needs; logistical support for political action; and networking opportunities with your fellow retirees on the local level. Statewide, retirees are represented by three election district directors and an at-large director on the NYSUT Board of Directors.

I am asking you and every retiree to answer our call to BE the union! You can BE the union by writing letters, making calls for our phone banks, reaching out to your legislators, speaking out on our issues and participating in our network of 45 retiree councils.

Retirees’ commitment to our union runs deep. In the days, months and years ahead, we need you to continue to stand side by side with all of us. Your solidarity will carry forward a new generation of activism in NYSUT.

Karen Magee 

Karen E. Magee