About the Initiative


New York State’s system of public higher education — the largest in the nation — is the essential path to economic opportunity and equality for our students. Yet over the last five years, SUNY and CUNY have suffered close to $2 billion in cuts, driving up tuition, imperiling opportunities for students and threatening quality and access. 

The Public Higher Education Quality Initiative is dedicated to ensuring quality, opportunity and access at public colleges and universities across New York State through these principles:

1. New York State must create an endowment to restore and rebuild SUNY and CUNY academic departments through the addition of fulltime faculty and professional staff, ensuring the quality courses, programs and mentoring students deserve.

2. New York State must increase operating aid to CUNY and SUNY four-year campuses and raise community college base aid, reversing the declines of recent years and investing in the gateway to economic quality that public higher education provides.

3. New York State must invest strongly in student financial aid and opportunity programs, updating and reforming the state’s Tuition Assistance Program, to advance a strong system of public higher education that ensures quality, access and opportunity for all.