Michael Castro, P.S. 352, Bronx, teacher Mary McGaw; Dharmesh Seenanan, P.S. 161, Queens teacher Debbie Rich; Erie Brewster, Edward Murrow High School, Brooklyn, teacher Spy Kontarinis; Kristen Morris, PS 35, Queens, teacher Silvia Huggler.

NYSUT Research and Educational Services

For the latest information on new testing requirements, certification issues or economic trends, the best source is NYSUT Research and Educational Services.


  • Fact Sheets

    NYSUT Fact Sheets provide up-to-date critical information on emerging educational issues at the state and federal level.

  • Educator's Voice

    Educator's Voice is NYSUT's journal of best practices in education - a series dedicated to highlighting research-based classroom and school/district-wide strategies that make a difference in student achievement.

  • Report: Career and Technical Education (CTE)

    This report produced by NYSUT and a workgroup of CTE practitioners provides an overview of CTE issues in an accessible framework to support decision-making.

  • TED: Teacher Evaluation and Development

    TED, a system of Teacher Evaluation and Development, was created by six labor/management Innovation Teams across New York State to integrate evaluations in a continuum that advances teacher practice and student learning.

  • Teaching and Learning

    Use these lesson plans and videos as templates for lessons and as a reference point for discussions concerning implementation of the New York State Learning Standards.

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