Fair Trade Project

fair trade projectThe Fair Trade Project builds support for the fair trade movement among union members, their families and their communities. International worker-to-worker solidarity trumps the ravages of corporate monopolies as union members "walk the walk" with workers around the world.

To learn more - and to order fair trade goods online - visit the Fair Trade Project at:

"Fair Trade creates a relationship between a consumer who receives a product of excellent quality and a producer who gets a fair price for it. In addition to quality we have something other sellers cannot offer the consumer—the chance to help communities develop by supporting farmer-owned organizations and care for the environment through the purchase of organic coffee." - Victor Perezgróvos, Unión Majomut Coffee Cooperative, Mexico.

Meet Rehima

Rehima, the woman featured in the Fair Trade Project poster above, is the daughter of an Ethiopian coffee farmer. Because her father is a member of a Fair Trade coffee cooperative, Rehima was able to complete high school. She is now a university student in Harare, Ethiopia.