A letter from NYSUT President Karen E. Magee:

karen magee

Dear NYSUT member,

As NYSUT president, I am proud to tell you that your NYSUT membership card is unlike any other card you carry. It gives you a great deal - and it asks a lot of you at the same time.

What does union membership give you?

For starters, your salary, benefits and working conditions are established and defended in a contract you help create. When you're union, salaries are higher - typically 30 percent higher than non-union workers. Benefits are better, too. And in addition to your on-the-job benefits, union membership lets you take advantage of the broad and ever-growing array of NYSUT member benefits detailed in your membership card mailing.

What happens in Washington and Albany affects us on the job every day. Union membership gives you a powerful voice in those arenas - the collective strength of more than 600,000 NYSUT members working in education, health care and human services across New York state. Now more than ever, as hard- earned worker rights come under attack across the country, union membership safeguards you economically and professionally.

What does union membership ask of you?

BE the union. Stay informed. Get involved. It's important for us to defend the valuable benefits of union membership - yet our collective strength lets us do more. Through political action, we advance what children, working people and our communities need to thrive. As a union member, you can help make the world a better place: through books for kids, community service and more. The union family is a powerful force for good. Most importantly, get active in your local and state union!

Your voice, your participation, matters.

If you have any questions on NYSUT membership or how to get involved, just email us at BeTheUnion@nysutmail.org.

I thank you for all you do at work and as a NYSUT member to make the world a better place.

In solidarity,

Karen E. Magee, NYSUT President

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