National Nurses Week

celebrate our nurses

NYSUT is proud to represent so many outstanding health care professionals. During the week of May 6, we are especially honored to be able to recognize the wonderful work of the nurses in the NYSUT family - those in our schools, on campuses, in health care facilities and in the community - who provide care and compassion to our families, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Help us celebrate National Nurses Week 2014. Click here to send a message, tell a story about a nurse who made a difference for you or someone in your family, or just say "thanks" to these dedicated caregivers.

Thank you, from Paul Pecorale

Your Voices

How and why do you celebrate and appreciate nurses? We asked, you responded. Keep your messages coming!

Anne Goldman

Federation of Nurses, UFT

Sonia Basko

Penfield Education Association

Thank you Michelle Roach! She was my nurse back in 1985 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. Without her, I may never have spent so many wonderful summers at Camp Good Days and Special Times. Michelle, I love you and celebrate you this week on National Nurses Week. Thank you for devoting your life to healing. With love, Sonia Basko.


The hospice nurse sat with the family in the two hours before my aunt's death counseling us on how to say goodbye in a way that allowed dignity to her patient and the family.

She repeatedly checked in with the widower long afterward, even when he was no longer part of hospice. 

Stacey Simeon

Middleburgh Central School Teachers Association

Cynthia McDaniel

Federation of Nurses, UFT. 2014 Health Care Professionals Member of the Year.

Mindy Karten Bornemann

Speech language/pathologist, United Federation of Teachers

My school nurse gave all the staff constant support and information on a student who was on the spectrum with multiple seizure disorders, a severe learning disability and traumatic brain injury. She counseled all of the teachers in the school to support our student when he often had grand mal seizures. In addition to protecting 3,500 students, our nurse escorted the student to the hospital, helped his mother, who speaks only Cantonese, and advocated for improved health care for him. 

David Lawrence

Monroe Community College Faculty Association

Renee Setteducato

United Federation of Teachers

At my father's end of life (on a respirator in the ICU) with nothing left to do for him but pray and hope -- the ICU nurses allowed four family members to stay by his side. They not only met his needs, but our emotional needs as well. This was so appreciated -- and we didn't realize how much -- when he finally passed on. His primary nurse was with us at that time and stood in silent support during the passing. I hope she realizes the magnitude of her gesture. Thank you Kathy Thomas! 

Tamika Moore

Monticello Teachers Association

Howard Sandau

Federation of Nurses, UFT. National Nurses Week.

Regine Dejean

School counselor, United Federation of Teachers

I have a great collaborative relationship with the school nurse at my high school. She'll call me to discuss my students who come in to see her when she suspects there's more than just "physical symptoms." This helps both of us deal more effectively with our students.

Thank you Claudia Byam, school nurse at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, Queens.

Beth Peters

Wayne Teachers Association

Linda Neiman

Forest Hills, NY

Nurse Leslie Cohen is an absolute professional. She brings to her profession a humanity that goes beyond the physical to caring for the social, spiritual and psychological needs of her patients. She is a true healer.  This comes from a friend, not a patient. I do know how beloved she is by her patients from her stories and other friends of hers who are nurses and friends who are not in the field as well as myself. 

She is a good friend and a good person to all who are blessed to have her in their lives. 

Ellen McTigue

UUP-Downstate Medical Center

Alicia Schwartz

New York, NY 

I want to thank Anne Goldman, the heart of the Federation of Nurses/UFT, for her leadership in nursing. She did not only take the task of being a nurse, but she became an activist for the nursing profession! She fights so that nurses can provide quality care, and she fights to ensure nurses have the right equipment or tools to perform the job correctly. Her leadership has not only made me a stronger nurse, but I have come to see the power of the union and how imperative it is for nurses to become politically active.