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May 31, 2013

Training on the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric

Source: NYSUT Education & Learning Trust

Please join us in NYSUT's training for districts implementing the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric: Stakeholder Academy, Evaluator Academy, and Educator Academy.

Stakeholder Academy

This two day interactive session is designed to prepare support teams in rolling out the NYSUT Teacher Practice Rubric to fellow district members. Topics include:

  • NYS Teaching Standards
  • Evaluation Process
  • Educator's Roles
  • Rubric Implementation
  • Evidence Collection

Educator Academy

This training includes a series of modules, either taken independently as 3-hour seminars, or as a 15-hour, two day training, for teachers seeking to proactively navigate the new teacher evaluation process. Training supports use of NYSUT’s Teacher Evaluation & Development System and/or NYSUT’s Teacher Practice Rubric.

  • Module 1 - Standards and performance rating
  • Module 2 - Analysis of teaching artifacts
  • Module 3 - Best practices in observation
  • Module 4 - Examining student work
  • Module 5 - Goal-setting and professional learning plans

Evaluator Academy

This five day intensive training, intended for administrators and peer evaluators in districts adopting NYSUT's Teacher Practice Rubric, will develop skills to objectively evaluate and effectively communicate with practitioners in an unbiased way about their professional practice. Topics include:

  • Role in observation process
  • Inter-rater reliability
  • Alignment of evidence with the teacher practice rubric
  • Accurate assessment of teacher practice
  • Articulation of provided evidence

These trainings will be held regionally, throughout the state for your convenience and will be facilitated by recognized consultants with an expertise in teacher evaluation and professional growth. Login to MyLearningPlan for a list of NYSUT's Evaluator Academies.

Get a list of NYSUT's Evaluator Training Academies available at MyLearningPlan.

Locals interested in finding our more about the training or interested in scheduling a training should contact The Education & Learning Trust at 1-800-528-6208 or

For an explanation of your Evaluator calibration report download "Understanding the Evaluator Calibration Report (ECR)" (pdf)