Andrew Pallotta

president andrew pallotta

Longtime union leader Andy Pallotta was elected president of NYSUT in April 2017.

A grassroots activist and longtime educator, Pallotta previously served as NYSUT executive vice president, directing NYSUT’s massive political mobilization and legislative efforts.

In his position at the statewide union, Pallotta oversaw the legislative and political action activities of members across the state, and has encouraged and fostered grassroots engagement. To that end, he spearheaded the development of the NYSUT Member Action Center (MAC) in 2012 to facilitate cyber-lobbying on key state and federal legislative proposals and issues. The MAC has been an extremely successful addition to NYSUT’s political program, cultivating a growing and active community of activists. Pallotta's tenure also saw record-breaking contributions to VOTE-COPE, the union's political action fund.

Pallotta, who sees a strong connection among his faith, progressive politics and the goals of the American labor movement, also has strengthened NYSUT coalitions with other organizations working for the greater good.

A graduate of the NYSUT Leadership Institute, Pallotta has served as a delegate to NYSUT, American Federation of Teachers and UFT conventions. He is a vice president of the New York State AFL-CIO, a member of its executive committee and executive council, and a vice president of AFT and a member of its executive council. He also serves on the board of directors for the Council for Unity and the Italian-American Labor Council.

Pallotta has earned degrees from Kingsboro Community College (Associate in Business), St. Francis College (Bachelor in Business) and Brooklyn College (Master in Education).


April 2017