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  • First Book promotes diversity with author talks and book donations 1/15/2021
  • NYSUT statement on election of Dr. Lester W. Young Jr. as state Board of Regents chancellor 1/11/2021
  • NYSUT statement on state COVID vaccination plans 1/8/2021
  • How choir happens: singing in the pandemic 1/8/2021
  • AFT and NYSUT on Reopening New York State’s Schools 1/6/2021
  • NYSUT statement on state guidance for schools in counties with more than 9 percent infection rate 1/4/2021
  • Student Debt Webinars - 2021 Schedule Now Posted 12/23/2020
  • The COVID-19 Vaccine: Here's What We Know 12/23/2020
  • The COVID-19 Vaccine: Distribution Information and Resources 12/23/2020
  • Patricia Eshelman named 2021 Agricultural Teacher of the Year 12/22/2020
  • Authors face-off with tween fans 12/22/2020
  • With Dr. Jill Biden, we’ll have one of our own in the White House 12/22/2020
  • Union voice imperative when navigating workplace hazards 12/19/2020
  • Federal wish list puts students and educators first 12/19/2020
  • Union sees path forward with new slate of educator-lawmakers 12/19/2020
  • Educators share lessons learned on remote/hybrid teaching 12/19/2020
  • Educators say ‘new normal’ is not sustainable 12/19/2020
  • Furloughs, layoffs are not the answer 12/19/2020
  • Union’s legislative priorities focus on COVID–19 issues 12/19/2020
  • ‘Back-to-School’ order escalates simmering labor strife in Salmon River 12/15/2020
  • Syracuse TA confronts mid-year layoff threats 12/9/2020
  • Leading NYS education groups call for renewed focus on student teaching programs amid teacher shortage 12/4/2020
  • NYSUT urging extension for teacher evaluation variances 12/4/2020
  • ECB: Education leaders call for state to keep faith with school districts on transportation reimbursement 11/19/2020
  • VIDEO: Thank You, School-Related Professionals! 11/17/2020
  • SRPs go above and beyond in face of pandemic 11/16/2020
  • Managing the Holidays with COVID 11/12/2020
  • Education groups oppose cuts to education 11/12/2020
  • Starved Teacher Centers struggle to meet unprecedented needs 11/10/2020
  • Pandemic heightens need for school psychologists 11/9/2020
  • NYSUT launches new website to track COVID-19 health, safety concerns in New York schools 11/9/2020
  • Teachers share practical tips for hybrid instruction 10/30/2020
  • By popular demand, ELT offers more FREE webinars on 'Teaching in Blended and Hybrid Models' 10/29/2020
  • An unexpected group questions teacher ratings this year 10/23/2020
  • Student teachers can be a huge help 10/21/2020
  • School bus safety week showcases role of bus drivers 10/20/2020
  • Backpack donations help lighten the load for students 10/18/2020
  • Suffolk union’s road show shifts gears 10/18/2020
  • Oceanside educator named 2021 NYS Teacher of the Year 10/18/2020
  • Racial equality work continues in districts with extended NEA grant 10/18/2020
  • NYSUT still pushing for legislative action this year 10/18/2020
  • NYSUT statement on new state protocols for schools in COVID-19 hotspots 10/6/2020
  • Fact Sheet 20-18: Middle Level Flexibility and CTE Certification 9/25/2020
  • NYSUT files lawsuit against state over school funding cuts 9/16/2020
  • FREE NYSUT poster celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15/2020
  • COVID-19 Transmission Facts and Face Mask Breaks 9/11/2020
  • Best Practices for Remote Learning 9/10/2020
  • Educators, parents, students and lawmakers decry devastating cuts 9/10/2020
  • New York State must ‘fund our future’ and stop school funding cuts 9/10/2020
  • NYSUT launches statewide back-to-school ad campaign 9/9/2020
    • Coronavirus Toolkit

      A gateway to resources on the coronavirus outbreak, including guidance specific to public school employees, higher education faculty and to our members who work in health care.

    • New Volume: Educator's Voice XIII - Students with Disabilities

      Authors present a range of practices dedicated to students with disabilities and designed to promote access and equity in the classroom. You will read about the intentional design of inclusive classrooms utilizing collaborative teams, and how to develop the supports needed to execute them effectively across school communities; how to navigate instructional accommodations in the Individualized Education Program with a focus on guided note-taking in the high school math curriculum; and cutting edge research that examines how culturally responsive teaching can help students with autism spectrum disorder to gain in equity-based, social-emotional learning.
    • Teacher of the Year

      A visually impaired Bronx high school teacher who immigrated to this country from West Africa and entered teaching because he wanted to transform the lives of young people — all while commuting four hours round-trip each day from the Hudson Valley to do so - is New York State's 2019 Teacher of the Year.
    • Call for Proposals

      We're soliciting authors for Volume XIV, "Leveraging Student Strengths through Project-Based Learning and Authentic Assessment"

      Deadlines for Volume XIV:
      Aug. 5, 2020 - Proposal submission deadline
      Sept. 14, 2020 - NYSUT responds to proposal
      Nov. 16, 2021 - Completed article submission
      Spring 2021 - Publication

    • Correct the Tests

      New York State's grade 3-8 testing system is broken and needs to be fixed. It's that simple. Arm yourself with information and take action at
    • Fact Sheets

      NYSUT Fact Sheets provide up-to-date critical information on emerging educational issues at the state and federal level.

    • 10 things you need to know about NY's registration and continuing education regs

      All permanently or professionally certified teachers and Level III teaching assistants working in public schools or BOCES are required to register online with the State Education Department. Here's what you need to know.

    • Career Center

      Resources, job search, layoff guide and more.
    • Share My Lesson

      Via AFT, free lesson plans created by teachers, for teachers. Sign-up and share.

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