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  • Join us for 'Advocating for ELLs at State and National Levels' Apr. 21 4/17/2021
  • Fact Sheet 21-6: NYS Assessments and Diploma Requirements 4/14/2021
  • NYSED and NYSUT applaud 60 teachers who achieved 'gold standard' national certification 4/14/2021
  • SCHOOL AID RUNS: Your district's funding for the enacted 2021-22 state budget 4/8/2021
  • Join us in April to celebrate the Class of 2020 NBCT's 3/26/2021
  • Union nurses take the lead in vaccinating their education colleagues 3/24/2021
  • With everyone pulling together, these schools reopened safely 3/23/2021
  • Call for Proposals: Project-Based Learning and Authentic Assessment 3/22/2021
  • NYSUT statement on CDC school social distancing guidance 3/19/2021
  • Fact Sheet 21-7: 2021 NYS English as Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) FAQ 3/18/2021
  • 'I finally made it.' After 28 years of working toward becoming an educator, he's now a full-time teacher in the Bronx 3/16/2021
  • NYSUT statement on state plan for administration of standardized tests 3/15/2021
  • NYSUT launches statewide TV ad campaign on safe reopening of schools 3/9/2021
  • NYSUT statement on the federal American Rescue Plan 3/8/2021
  • Join us for a Twitter chat on 'Making the Case for Women in History' March 21 3/5/2021
  • Pro athletes do it... why can’t we? NYSUT and allies call for more COVID testing in schools 3/4/2021
  • NYSUT calls for more COVID testing in schools 3/4/2021
  • Fact Sheet 21-5: Opt-Out of State Tests For 2020-21 3/4/2021
  • Fact Sheet 21-4: Facts for Parents on Opting Out of State Tests For 2020-21 3/4/2021
  • NYSUT virtual arts showcase will highlight student work with pandemic themes 3/2/2021
  • West Seneca librarian works to keep her students reading - and to keep her colleagues connected via technology 3/2/2021
  • Do the math: 6 feet = 6 feet 2/28/2021
  • Unions celebrate Women's History Month 2/28/2021
  • Advocates urge lawmakers to boost BOCES programs 2/28/2021
  • Reopening safely: We know what needs to happen 2/28/2021
  • Legislative priorities include resources and equity 2/28/2021
  • Union to State: Keep your promise to students 2/28/2021
  • Advocates urge lawmakers to boost BOCES programs 2/26/2021
  • Virtual Arts Showcase: INSIDE/OUTSIDE: Students of the Arts Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic 2/26/2021
  • NYSUT statement on the confusion over in-person instruction in schools 2/25/2021
  • NYSUT statement on federal government’s decision to require state standardized exams 2/23/2021
  • Black History Month: 'Diversifying the Educational Workforce' with Chancellor Young 2/18/2021
  • NYSUT statement on school COVID testing programs 2/17/2021
  • Teacher’s book deliveries make reading fun 2/16/2021
  • CDC schools guidance reaffirms need for COVID testing programs 2/12/2021
  • Pallotta: It’s time to ramp up COVID testing in schools 2/12/2021
  • Robert C. Parker School educators vote to unionize, join NYSUT 2/11/2021
  • School nurses administer group vaccinations to teachers 2/9/2021
  • NYSUT congratulates Dr. Betty Rosa on her appointment as State Education Commissioner 2/8/2021
  • Union pioneer Mae Stark reflects on a life of labor 2/8/2021
  • Many Threads, One Fabric: 'Embracing Racial and Cultural Diversity' 2/5/2021
  • Western NY unions supersize a fundraising campaign for food 2/4/2021
  • A legislative reception ‘like no other’ draws a crowd online 1/28/2021
  • NYSUT to lawmakers: Use federal funds to supplement, not supplant, school aid in state budget 1/28/2021
  • Testimony: Pre-K-12 Education Budget 2021-22 1/28/2021
  • NYSUT 'Fund our Future' campaign calls on state to provide funding schools need 1/27/2021
  • Fact Sheet 21-3: NYS Comptroller Designates Nine School Districts in Significant Fiscal Stress 1/27/2021
  • Fact Sheet 21-2: 1.23 Percent Inflation Factor for 2021-22 Tax Levy Limit 1/26/2021
  • NYSUT statement on announcement that state will seek federal testing waiver 1/25/2021
  • TAX TIME: Remember these deductions your union won for you 1/25/2021
    • Coronavirus Toolkit

      A gateway to resources on the coronavirus outbreak, including guidance specific to public school employees, higher education faculty and to our members who work in health care.

    • New Volume: Educator's Voice XIII - Students with Disabilities

      Authors present a range of practices dedicated to students with disabilities and designed to promote access and equity in the classroom. You will read about the intentional design of inclusive classrooms utilizing collaborative teams, and how to develop the supports needed to execute them effectively across school communities; how to navigate instructional accommodations in the Individualized Education Program with a focus on guided note-taking in the high school math curriculum; and cutting edge research that examines how culturally responsive teaching can help students with autism spectrum disorder to gain in equity-based, social-emotional learning.
    • Teacher of the Year

      A visually impaired Bronx high school teacher who immigrated to this country from West Africa and entered teaching because he wanted to transform the lives of young people — all while commuting four hours round-trip each day from the Hudson Valley to do so - is New York State's 2019 Teacher of the Year.
    • Call for Proposals

      We're soliciting authors for Volume XIV, "Leveraging Student Strengths through Project-Based Learning and Authentic Assessment"

      Deadlines for Volume XIV:
      Aug. 5, 2020 - Proposal submission deadline
      Sept. 14, 2020 - NYSUT responds to proposal
      Nov. 16, 2021 - Completed article submission
      Spring 2021 - Publication

    • Correct the Tests

      New York State's grade 3-8 testing system is broken and needs to be fixed. It's that simple. Arm yourself with information and take action at
    • Fact Sheets

      NYSUT Fact Sheets provide up-to-date critical information on emerging educational issues at the state and federal level.

    • 10 things you need to know about NY's registration and continuing education regs

      All permanently or professionally certified teachers and Level III teaching assistants working in public schools or BOCES are required to register online with the State Education Department. Here's what you need to know.

    • Career Center

      Resources, job search, layoff guide and more.
    • Share My Lesson

      Via AFT, free lesson plans created by teachers, for teachers. Sign-up and share.

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