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NYSUT SRPs win three AFT PSRP awards.

 NYSUT SRPs win three AFT PSRP awards

Photo: BEST won the PSRP Organizing award from left, Jo Ann Sweat, Dolores Rosso, Angie Rivera,  Shelvy Young Abrams and Carl Williams.
(Photo credit: Mark Warner)

NYSUT SRPs took home three awards at the recent American Federation of Teachers Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel Conference in Baltimore.

The Buffalo Educational Support Team, led by Jo Ann Sweat, won the PSRP Organizing Award for hanging tough through nearly 10 years without a contract and continuing to organize even after multiple school board changes and repeated attempts to break the union. BEST demonstrated that strong character and courage can lead to a successful contract.

The West Genesee Paraprofessionals Association, led by Kristin Good, won the PSRP Member Engagement and Professional Development Award, for their amazing work with mentoring and the creation of the Para!Academy.

The New Hartford Employees Union, led by Vincent Nesci, won the PSRP Advocacy Award, for work the local’s contract action team, the negotiations team, and their membership did to convert budget cuts into substantial raises.


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