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NYSUT health care workers are on the front lines of a pandemic

As the coronavirus attacks more and more people, health care is an ever-changing landscape. Doctors, nurses, first responders, virus test administrators, and health care staff are all working the front lines, often without enough personal protective equipment.
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For these NYSUT members, remote learning is all in the family

“My daughter is teaching 140 students online and providing daycare for the grandkids, and I’m going out of my mind trying to teach six different classes fully online,” said UUP member Doug Cody. “But that’s nothing compared to what others, the health care providers and first responders on the front line, are going through. It's probably the craziest time in our lives.”
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NYSUT opens up Disaster Relief Fund for #HealthCareHeroes

NYSUT today announced that it has begun accepting donations to the union’s Disaster Relief Fund to purchase and provide personal protective equipment, food and other supplies to dedicated health care professionals across New York state.

School choirs combine for virtual ‘Hallelujah’

Two teachers are making beautiful music, digitally bringing together their high school students to create a virtual choir. The result is a powerful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in a video that has drawn more than 60,000 online views and rave reviews.
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NYSUT Chat: Trauma-Informed Instructional Practices

For tonight's #NYSUTChat on Twitter, we talked about teaching practices in this period of remote learning with a focus on trauma-informed instruction. Thanks to all who contributed.
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SCHOOL AID RUNS: Your district's funding for the enacted 2020-21 state budget

School funding data now available for the enacted 2020-21 state budget. Use the Excel spreadsheet to compare your district's school aid for 2020-21 to last year's funding data.




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