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School budget revotes are Tuesday. Is your district on this list?

If you're in one of these twelve school districts, do your part to spread the word about how voting TUESDAY, JUNE 18 is more important than ever before!

Teacher's aide saves young student in East Williston

“His face was red. It was clear to me that he wasn’t going to get that out on his own,” said Fusco, a School-Related Professional.
ice cream truck at capitol

NYSUT brings free ice cream to state Capitol as part of Support School Staff campaign

Specially decorated ice cream trucks will be parked on State Street outside the Capitol from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday, and NYSUT officers will hand out free frozen treats topped with the message: “I Support School Staff.”
health care

TV ad exposes threat of exorbitant surprise emergency hospital bills; coalition fights for patient protection

NYSUT is part of a coalition of consumer, labor, health and business groups launching a television ad campaign demanding Albany pass legislation to protect patients from exorbitant surprise emergency hospital bills.
school nurse

School nurses on watch for effects from overheated classrooms

As students and teachers enter the last few weeks of June, when temperatures typically rise, concerns about the effects of overheated classrooms are also spiking.
demarco rail trail

Pearl River art teacher transforms rail trail with paint and imagination

In a crush of color, art teacher John DeMarcospent part of summer 2018 on a bicycle and walking path in Albany County transforming a quiet underpass with paint and imagination. He was chosen in a competitive quest for artists to brighten up a section of the nine-mile Helderberg-Hudson public rail trail.
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