Keeping children safe is the No. 1 priority for all educators.

Statement by NYSUT President Melinda J. Person on actions to shield students from wildfire smoke

“Keeping children safe is the No. 1 priority for all educators. As smoke and haze from wildfires in Canada blanket much of New York state, increasing the danger for those who suffer from asthma and other ailments, actions by the governor and school districts to limit outdoor activities are not just prudent, they are potentially lifesaving,” said NYSUT President Melinda Person.
Susan Satriano Foundation recognizes the “silent sufferers”

Susan Satriano Foundation recognizes the “silent sufferers”

Joe Satriano has thousands of heroes, and each year, as part of his work with the Susan Satriano Foundation, he meets new ones.

Test Distress: Standardized tests detract from learning

At this year’s Representative Assembly, delegates voted overwhelmingly to support a special order of business calling for an end to over-testing. The special order, which marks the latest effort in an ongoing battle over the role standardized tests should play in children’s learning and in teachers’ professional development, calls for the support of Congressman Bowman’s “More Teaching, Less Testing Act” and other bills like it that prioritize teaching over test prep.
cayuga community college

Cayuga Community College ratifies first part-time faculty contract since its formation in 2014

After nine years of protracted negotiations, the newly formed Cayuga Community College Part Time Faculty Association has ratified its first contract. “It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a contract,” said Carolyn Stevenson, president of the CCCPTFA.
brentwood gotv

Long Island local unions achieve big wins in May votes

Two NYSUT locals chalked up big school budget and school board wins in Suffolk County on Long Island this May.
gun violence awareness day

Join us! Wear orange on June 2 for Gun Violence Awareness

Here are three ways you can join with NYSUT members and participate in Gun Violence Awareness Month.




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