Your Blueprint for a Successful Retirement: An online planning guide

Dear NYSUT Member:

Your Blueprint for A Successful RetirementOn behalf of the NYSUT officers and Board of Directors, we are proud to provide you with this publication, “Your Blueprint for a Successful Retirement: An online planning guide,” as a resource for planning the next chapter in your life — retirement!  We hope this publication helps make your transition from work to retirement as easy as possible.
NYSUT provides you with tools and resources that benefit your quality of life as a new professional in education or health care and throughout your career with professional development, legislative advocacy and benefits as a union member.  This guide continues that longstanding tradition of offering services to members at each stage of their career. It will assist you in preparing for the financial, social and psychological adjustments in retirement and provide ways for you to continue to engage in the work of the union.
This is one of many excellent resources that are available to you in pre- and post-retirement, all designed to be easily accessible online. Whether you are 40-, 50- or 60-plus years of age, you will find this guide contains information that is concise and reader-friendly. We hope you refer to it often.

We are proud of your service to the professions and to this union. Your knowledge, skills and experiences are valuable to all of us — current and future NYSUT members! We hope you will stay active in your former local and participate in the network of NYSUT Retiree Councils throughout New York as a way to continue being engaged in labor union work.

In Solidarity,
Ron Gross
Second Vice President


This online retirement planning guide has been prepared by NYSUT and is for general informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice nor establish an attorney-client relationship. This information is presented without any representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or timeliness. It is intended to help guide you to the many resources you have available to you as a NYSUT member. It is important that you make your own individual decisions using appropriate licensed consultants.