December 18, 2017

Resources: NYSUT Women's Committee

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UPDATE: Women's March 2018

We marched in Albany and Utica. We marched in New York City and Glens Falls. We rallied in Buffalo, the Adirondacks and Seneca Falls. On the first anniversary of the ground-breaking Women’s Marches of 2017 this past weekend, NYSUT members raised their voices in solidarity at events across the state, speaking out against injustice, and reaffirming the strength of women, the labor movement and the power of an engaged and informed electorate. Read the full story.

NYSUT Women's Committee Resources

Following the success of the inaugural NYSUT Women’s Conference in March 2017, “Speak Up, Stand Up, Step Up,” delegates to the 2017 Representative Assembly made the Ad Hoc Women's Steering Committee a permanent standing committee. The group is composed of NYSUT board members, local leaders and grassroots NYSUT activists.

In December, the standing committee adopted four committee goals for the months ahead:

  • developing a mentoring toolkit for young members;
  • preparing a “Why in Five” card for women and men about sexual harassment;
  • highlighting stories about female union members; and
  • having a woman’s committee booth at the NYSUT Representative Assembly.

Our growing collection of women's resources are available below. You can also learn more about the first meeting of the Women's Committee in our report, which includes photos, videos and social media posts.

Zen Den

As stress continues to be a problem for many of us, we would like to share ways to help take care of yourself.

One creative way to foster self-care is to establish a Zen Den-a mediation space at home or work. A Zen Den provides you with an opportunity to decompress, destress and recharge within a safe, quiet space created by you or your colleagues. While it may not be feasible to establish a Zen Den at work or home, we hope you can identify some of the items linked below as tools you can use to aid in your relaxation.

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