New Member Enrollment Guide for NYSUT Local Leaders

new member online enrollment

For Fall 2020, there are two options available to NYSUT local union leaders for enrolling their new hires.

OPTION 1: Paper Enrollment Forms

By now, you or your local union's designated membership contact should have received copies of paper enrollment forms. As in years prior, we encourage you to reach out to your new hires as early in the school year as possible and submit those to NYSUT for data input. We recommend you frequently mail enrollment forms back to NYSUT, rather than wait to send them in bulk.

OPTION 2: Online Enrollment Forms

NYSUT has developed an online version of the member enrollment form that is available to authorized local leaders and/or the membership designee. This system will allow local leaders and their designees to enroll new members through an online portal available.

To access the portal, log into your account at or visit

Once you have logged in, you will see a new option “New Member Online Enrollment”. To enroll new hires virtually, gather the email addresses of your new members, and through the online portal, send each of your new or potential members a link to complete the enrollment form.

If you plan on holding an in-person opening day meeting, you will also be able to display your local’s enrollment card on a computer or tablet by clicking the “Enrollment Form” tab.


To help walk you through this new optional online program, we have created a brief tutorial video and one-page instructional sheet with step by step instructions. An informational webinar is also available, and answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips.

If you have any questions or need technical support, please reach out to or call 518-801-9195.


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