Enrollment Guide: FAQs and Troubleshooting

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Following are answers to your frequently asked questions and tips for troubleshooting for online enrollment.

New member invite emails aren't getting delivered or are getting sent to spam folders.

While our emails are whitelisted and have very high deliverability rates, some emails will inevitably get stuck in spam filters. Here are some things to help improve deliverability:

  • Whenever possible, make sure you are using a personal email address for your new members instead of a school district email. School emails are notorious for having overly aggressive filters.
  • If your new members don't receive an email, you may need to contact them directly and have them search their spam filters for NYSUT communications. Make sure they add NYSUT, Andy Pallotta and leader@nysutinfo.org to their approved contact lists.
  • In the New Member Online Enrollment portal, you can monitor which invites have been received and activated and are still outstanding. It would help if you considered contacting any new members whose invites have been pending for some time.

Can I change who in my local union receives new member enrollment confirmation emails? Right now, it's just the local president.

Not at this time. We will be adding this functionality to the portal shortly.

Can I add additional/multiple contacts for the employer's business office?

Not at this time. We plan to allow multiple contacts here soon.

What happens if an existing member accidentally signs up as a new member?

We have a procedure to purge out any duplicate enrollments. However, we would strongly recommend attempting to clean up your new member enrollment data so it does not include current members.

Who in my local union has access to the New Member Online Enrollment portal?

Anyone with a MyNYSUT account listed as a local union "update authority" has the online enrollment functions added to their accounts. These update authorities are usually membership coordinators or building reps. This title is authorized by the local president and allows the update authorities to access member data on their MyNYSUT accounts. Local presidents can grant update authority to one of their members by sending a request to memberec@nysut.org.

Can we still use paper enrollment forms?

Yes. Just make sure you are not submitting both an online and paper form for the same members.

I have an existing member who has taken a new position in the district. Do they need to complete a new enrollment form?

No, you should not submit a new enrollment form for an existing member. You should update the member's position and dues category on the leader section of NYSUT.org.

How do I know if someone has completed the form?

There are two ways to determine if a member has completed their enrollment:

  • Under the View All Membership Invitations section on the New Member Online Enrollment portal page, you will see a Registration Date appear for any new member who has completed their enrollment.
  • The member will appear on your roster in the membership portal on NYSUT.org.

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