Online Enrollment: Tutorial Videos

Below you will find tutorial videos that cover all aspects of the new member online enrollment process.

For more information, visit (login and local union authorization required).

Overview of the Enrollment System

View a complete walkthrough of all the features of the revamped new member online enrollment process. (15 minutes)

Update Your Account Preferences

Learn how to update payroll office contacts and how to grant enrollment access to other leaders in your local unions, such as membership coordinators or building reps. (1:39)

Send Individual New Member Invites

You can easily and quickly send new member invitations via email and text message one at a time. (1:50)

Send New Member Invites in Bulk

If you have multiple new members you would like to invite at once, you can import a spreadsheet with new hire contact information and multiple invites will be dispatched. (2:00)

Monitor and Manage Invites

Learn how to view your outstanding and completed invites. You can also edit and resend any new member enrollment invites that are still outstanding. (2:30)

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