Retiree Advisory Committee

Retiree Advisory Council

Retiree Advisory Committee 2014-2017

NYSUT’s Retiree Advisory Committee (RAC) was first established in 1991. Consistent with NYSUT policy governing task forces and committees, RAC members are appointed by the president with the approval of the NYSUT Board of Directors. RAC members are appointed for a three-year term concurrent with the terms of the NYSUT Board of Directors and Officers. NYSUT Vice President Paul Pecorale is a co-chair along with Roderick Sherman. In addition to serving as co-chair, Vice President Pecorale oversees the Retiree Services program as well as all of NYSUT Program Services as part of his officer responsibilities.

The role of the RAC is to advise the NYSUT Board of Directors, officers and staff on retiree issues. Over the years, the RAC committee has varied in size from eight to 27 members and typically meets four to five times a year with NYSUT staff attending.

Chief among the RAC’s responsibilities is to keep apprised of retiree organizing, political, financial, pension, health care and member benefits issues, and to make recommendations to the NYSUT Board of Directors, officers and staff.