January 01, 1900

NYSUT to lead rally in support of workers’ rights

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Thousands of delegates to NYSUT’s annual Representative Assembly, as well as other NYSUT members, their friends and supporters will march en masse to Times Square in New York City to join other unionists and labor advocates on Saturday, April 9, in support of workers’ rights.

The rally, to begin at noon, will be the culmination of the national AFL-CIO’s “We Are One Week of Action,” planned to build on the momentum generated by the events in Wisconsin.

(Download Rally Flier as PDF)

“Sisters and brothers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and many other states face the loss of basic civil rights, and workers’ rights in New York are also under attack,” NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi told local leaders this week. “Now is the time to unite and lead. It is time to defend and protect our rights and the rights of all working people.”

RA delegates will leave the convention hall in the New York Hilton together and walk the 10 blocks to the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street where they will meet up with other AFL-CIO members from both the public and private sectors.

Marchers are encouraged to wear red clothing and, when possible, to carry their union banners. NYSUT members who are not RA delegates but who wish to participate are urged to do so and should contact their local leaders for more details.

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