January 01, 1900

TAKE ACTION: Remind realtors ill-conceived tax cap proposal hurts communities

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Inexplicably, the New York State Realtors Association has joined forces with proponents of an ill-advised property tax cap that, as we know through experience and common sense, would wreak havoc on our schools and other public services.

Realtors should know — in fact they DO know (see — that strong schools make strong communities, as well as increase property values.

The realtors in our hometowns and school districts need to hear from you that they are on the wrong side of this issue. Please print or email the letter below and send to the realtors in your community. Remind them that support for a tax cap like the one being discussed in Albany not only jeopardizes what’s good for students, but also makes their jobs and ours a whole lot more difficult.

(Download letter as Microsoft Word document or PDF)

Dear Realtor and Neighbor:

I am very disappointed that the organization representing your profession — the New York State Association of Realtors — has embarked on a misleading multi-media campaign in support of an ill-conceived and destructive property tax cap proposal. The tax cap being discussed in Albany will hurt schools and important public services, and will ultimately undermine our community.

Realtors more than anyone else should understand that families and other homebuyers consider the quality of a community’s public schools when shopping for a new home. In fact, the National Association of Realtors’ own website tell us:

“Of all the local neighborhood amenities that can influence a buyer's decision to purchase a home, proximity to good quality schools is one of the most influential.”

Studies, again cited on the NAR website, show that good schools raise property values. And that’s good for all of us.

The fact is that a tax cap would result in the loss of school programs, public services and jobs. It would make locating to our community and investing in property less desirable. And it would diminish our quality of life.

There have been disastrous results from tax caps in Massachusetts, Illinois and other states. Ask anyone from California about what happened when Proposition 13 was approved: That state’s school system went from one of the best in the nation to, now, one of the worst. Is that what we want for New York?

As a neighbor, educator and someone who cares about the place where we live, I urge you to tell the state Association of Realtors to do what’s right for all of us and withdraw its support for a scheme that will make both of our jobs much more difficult. Call 518-463-0300 and do the right thing for our community.




(Download letter as Microsoft Word document or PDF)

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