April 13, 2003

Sylvia Matousek: 2003 'Not for Ourselves Alone' Sandy Feldman Outstanding Leadership Award

Source:  NYSUT Awards and Honors: Not for Ourselves Alone

Sylvia Matousek

North Syracuse Education Association


Matousek joined the North Syracuse Education Association after her first union meeting in 1964. A second-grade teacher, she held various roles in the union, including building rep and grievance chairwoman. Matousek, one of the longest tenured local union presidents in the state, was elected president in 1973 and still holds the position today.

"Since I can remember, Sylvia has been a role model for the kind of leadership that union leaders provide - in this case, a very talented woman union leader," said Kate McKenna, president of the Syracuse TA.

During her tenure as head of the NSEA, Matousek has worked to maintain small class sizes and to ensure teachers' rights in making decisions on instructional programs. Matousek helped to win a $400,000 arbitration for fired school/nurse teachers and led the NSEA through a 10-day strike.

Matousek is president of the Onondaga County Teachers Association and has served for several years on the NYSUT Board of Directors, representing ED 7.