December 06, 2006

NYSUT thanks 'Net activists

Source: NYSUT News Wire

NYSUT thanks you for your quick and helpful support of the recent e-mail campaign urging the Regents and SED Commissioner Mills to stand up against inappropriate testing of English Language Learners and students in special education. More than 3,400 messages were sent in just a few days on this issue, an amazing response in a very tight time frame.

While we were extremely disappointed that the Regents did not commit to standing up to the federal government on implementation of this educationally unsound testing, the message did have a significant impact. The Commissioner is requesting in writing that the federal Department of Education not count the scores on either test for the next two years. In addition, the Regents pledged their vigorous advocacy with congressional representatives to change the federal law.

You can read more about the Regents response to the e-mail campaign at:

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Thank you again for your support.

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