November 28, 2006

Support 'Buy Union Week' Nov. 24 - Dec. 3

Source: New York State AFL-CIO

The AFL-CIO has declared the 10 days following Thanksgiving (Nov. 24 through Dec. 3) Buy Union Week.
Show your support by promoting and purchasing union-made gifts, food and other items during the holiday season.

Consumers spent $55 billion last year during the winter holidays, government figures show, said Charles E. Mercer, president of the AFL-CIO's Union Label and Service Trade Department. We can keep millions of people working at good jobs if we steer even a fraction of those shopping dollars toward the purchase of union-made goods and services.

Supporters are encouraged to request union-made goods and services while holiday shopping and distribute Buy Union Week certificates to merchants they patronize.

Visit to download Buy Union Week certificates.