September 25, 2006

Register now for Health and Safety Conference March 9-10

Source: Health and Safety Newsletter

Planning for the 2007 Health and Safety Conference is under way and is one of the most ambitious programs ever. Conference workshops represent three themes: health and safety issues, tools for information and investigation, and strategies.

Planned workshop topics include:

  • Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors 
  • Emergency Preparedness/Evacuations in Colleges and Universities
  • PESH and OSHA Basics /OSHA Training Requirements
  • Effective Inspections
  • Legal Rights to Health and Safety Information
  • Contract Language for Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Effective Local and Joint Health and Safety Committees

Three-hour pre-conference workshops on Friday afternoon include:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Chemical Hazard Recognition
  • Storage and Disposal for Colleges and Universities
  • Workplace Violence
  • Health and Safety 101
  • Understanding Student Disabilities

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