April 14, 2008

Cancer Society honors NYSUT

Source: RA 2008

American Cancer Society representatives celebrated what they described as "a historic relationship with NYSUT" Saturday, honoring NYSUT's historic $1 million total contributions last year in the fight against breast cancer.

NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira, who oversees the union's efforts in 14 ACS "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" walks throughout the state, noted that over 10,000 NYSUT members, their families and friends participate each year. Many local unions and members have begun other efforts, such as "wear pink" days at work, to raise more funds.

ACS Executive Vice President Chris Kim, pictured with ACS Executive Director Jeanne Walsh, said NYSUT's work for ACS is a nationwide model, representing an unprecedented level of cooperation and support.

NYSUT has raised more than $4 million since becoming a flagship sponsor with ACS in 2002.

Kim also praised NYSUT for its strong support of health care for children and low-income workers, noting that "if people do not have access to health care, they will die."

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