August 26, 2009

SED releases H1N1 flu resources for schools

Source: State Education Department

The New York Statewide School Health Services Center has just released H1N1 flu posters and other resources for schools. The following downloads were designed for specific use in different areas within the school district:

Poster at school entrances – A "How Do You Feel Today?" poster encourages visitors to return home without entering the school building in the event that the visitor has flu-like symptoms.

Classroom posters – An "H1N1 Influenza A - Signs and Symptoms for Classroom Teachers" poster is a valuable print to post in each classroom for teachers to review. Students with symptoms should see the nurse or be dismissed from school.

Newsletter notices – The SSHSC has two newsletter pages in a file - one that appeals to the elementary population and one for secondary schools. Please consider having this inserted into your school's newsletter to inform parents about when to keep their child home.

The signs, posters and notices can be found on the H1N1 Flu page at the NYSSHSC website at

Look for:

Building and Classroom Posters - Newsletter Notices for H1N1 Influenza - Available online for you to print and post in your school

Newsletter Notices

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