March 31, 2009

Health Care Professionals Member of the Year: Miriam Lynn

Source: NYSUT Constituency Awards 2009

Miriam Lynn

Health Care Professionals Member of the Year

Miriam Lynn
Nyack Teachers Association

Miriam Lynn is a middle-school nurse, and her role is demanding and crucial to the success of her school. However, Lynn frequently extends herself beyond that official role and becomes like a mother to many of the students. The only nurse for the hundreds of students in her school, she buys warm clothing for students who come from poverty, breakfast bars for students who are hungry, and always offers a warm hug and a loving smile.

At holiday time, Lynn works closely with the guidance office to collect and distribute gifts to students whose families cannot afford to buy presents. Lynn is a community person and reaches out to the many families of the middle-school students. She makes home and hospital visits to raise the spirits of ill students.

Lynn's service to children does not end at the schoolhouse doors. She spends her summers offering free health care to underprivileged children in other countries.

This past summer, she attended to sick children in Brazil and the year before that in Honduras.

The 12-year veteran is active in her union, serving as president of the Nyack School Nurses unit and on the negotiations team. Her local union provides support she needs to continue her international outreach.

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