March 31, 2009

Higher Education Member of the Year: Thomas Matthews

Source: NYSUT Constituency Awards 2009
Thomas Matthews

Thomas Matthews

Higher Education Member of the Year

Thomas Matthews
United University Professions

Tom Matthews' service to higher education and unionism began in the 1970s and continues today. His commitment to both the union and to higher education is evidenced throughout his career.

Tom served as statewide treasurer of UUP from 1981-86 and as statewide vice president for professionals from 1986-2000. He also served on the UUP statewide Executive Board for 19 years. In addition to these leadership roles, Tom served as UUP chief negotiator for the 1994-99 and 1999-2003 contracts. In 1984, Tom began his 12-term service on the NYSUT Board of Directors.

On the local level, Tom served as the UUP Geneseo chapter president and when he returned to that role from his statewide office in 2000, he developed an award winning Leadership Program for undergraduate students.

Tom continues to be a leader on the local and statewide levels and is truly committed to higher education, the union and its ideals.

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