March 31, 2009

Sandy Feldman Leadership Grant: Andrea Figueroa

Source: NYSUT Constituency Awards 2009
Andrea Figueroa

Andrea Figueroa

Sandy Feldman Leadership Grant

Andrea Figueroa
Jamestown Teachers Association

Andrea S. Figueroa attended the NYSUT Leadership Institute in 2008 and the NEA Northeast Regional Minority Leadership Seminar in 2007 and 2008. She also participated in the NEA "Tellin' Stories Project," a parent involvement initiative. In her relatively brief career, Andrea has served as a building rep, a political action chair, LAP committee member and most recently vice president of her local.

She will use the grant award to further her union training and activities, including plans to implement the "Tellin' Stories Project" in her local and the Southwestern New York region.

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