March 17, 2009

TAKE ACTION: Urge Albany to support additional aid to education

Source: NYSUT News Wire


Time is running out. Call the legislative hotline today at (877) 255-9417 and urge your representatives to stop school aid cuts and prevent painful layoffs.

Don't Balance the State Budget on the Backs of Students and Property Taxpayers!

Legislative leaders and the governor are putting the finishing touches on a woefully inadequate school aid plan that would force school districts across the state to:

  • Lay off more than 8,000 teachers and school-related professionals;
  • Increase class sizes;
  • Eliminate after-school and extracurricular activities; and
  • Raise property taxes.

The federal stimulus aid is not enough. The governor and Legislature must add at least $500 million in state aid for our schools. These difficult economic times call for shared sacrifice. However, children and taxpayers are being asked to bear a disproportionate burden through massive budget cuts that will mean teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, fewer after-school and extracurricular programs, and higher property taxes - all of which will have damaging long-term economic implications for our state and our communities.

Call the union's legislative hotline TODAY at (877) 255-9417 to urge your legislators to reject any education funding plan that shortchanges our students and drives up property taxes.


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