April 07, 2010

AFT Higher Ed asks: 'What Should Count?'

Source: AFT Higher Education

In an effort to provide front-line educators with information about student success and the accountability debate and establish a platform for bringing the faculty and staff perspective to those who create policies and practices around these issues, the AFT has launched a new website called "What Should Count? Frontline perspectives on student success and college accountability."

The site is both a clearinghouse of accountability initiatives and a forum for discussing accountability systems that best help our students succeed in achieving their goals, whether those goals be a four-year degree, two-year degree, a certificate, job retraining, or personal and/or professional development.

When you visit WhatShouldCount.org you will find two equally important parts of the website:

1. Accountability Clearinghouse

Here you will find information about the accreditation process, including standards for student learning outcomes, and contingent faculty; and institutional, state, national and international assessment mechanisms.

2. What's Your Experience?

This is a forum for educators to discuss and highlight the best ways to assess student learning and effect student success. It is our hope that faculty and staff members engage in a robust discussion about the various ways in which their work as educators has been impacted by accountability systems and policies, and also that you let us know what does work well in helping students achieve their higher education goals so that we can better inform the policy debate.

Once you take a look around the website, we invite you to head on over to the What's Your Experience? section to tell us what you think about what works well on this site, and what we left out.

- Source: AFT Higher Education

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