April 27, 2010

Higher Education Member of the Year: Charles R. Clarke

Source: RA 2010

Charles R. Clarke
Monroe Community College Faculty Association

Thirty-nine years ago, when Charlie Clarke began working at MCC as a 22-year-old instructor, he recognized the need to become involved in the union so that improvements in salary, fringe benefits and working conditions would continue to be made on behalf of young members like himself. He realized involvement was the key to moving issues forward.

He has served as chair of the psychology department for 18 years, as a member of the Faculty Association-Faculty Council (governing board) for 27 years, and as chief negotiator and contract administrator for the FA for 27 years. In 1983 he became only the third chief negotiator for the FA and negotiated eight contracts. In 2004, he was elected FA president and still holds that spot. Under Clarke's leadership, the contract has grown in size and content thanks to his ideas and initiatives. A gifted teacher known for his enthusiasm and humor, Clarke is also known for his creativity in union problem-solving and enjoys working with and counseling the members he represents.

Clarke also chairs the Holocaust Genocide Studies Project at MCC. He is well known for his writings and presentations in the community and at academic conferences on the subjects of the Holocaust and human rights. Teaching in the honors program at MCC, he leads educational tours for students studying the Holocaust.

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