April 27, 2010

James J. Scott Scholarship Winners: Annie McClintock and Carrie Meyers-Herron

Source: RA 2010

Annie McClintock
United Teaching Assistants of Harborfields

Annie McClintock

Since her initial involvement in unionism, McClintock has been intrigued with the area of labor relations. The president of her local, she has a goal to develop the skills needed to find creative alternatives that meet the needs of one group without compromising the needs of another.

Carrie Meyers-Herron
Galway Teachers' Association

carrie meyers herron

President of the GTA for the past six years, Meyers-Herron has been accepted to Empire State College in the Labor Relations graduate program. She started in January taking online classes as a part-time student while teaching full-time and representing her union as president.


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