January 15, 2010

Health Care Reform: Union leaders outline improvements

Source: AFL-CIO

From the AFL-CIO blog:

Health Care Tax: Union Leaders Outline Big Improvements for All Working Families

Following two days of intense negotiations at the White House, union leaders believe they are on the verge of winning significant improvements for working families in the pending health care reform legislation.

In a conference call [Thursday] afternoon with leaders from AFL-CIO unions, Change to Win unions and the National Education Association (NEA), AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters the final health care bill he expects to emerge is ”a milestone.”

“We’ve been fighting for health care for over 60 years, and we are on the threshold of a significant achievement….But we don’t look at this as the end of the fight, but another step in the quest for real reform.”

The discussions with the White House envision major changes for all working families in the excise tax that the Senate bill imposes on high-cost health care plans.

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