May 01, 2010

Bradt #1 health leader

Source: RA 2010
Jeff Bradt

Jeff Bradt

Jeff Bradt has been beyond busy in the past seven years. He went from organizing a union in his workplace in 2003 to saving the nursing home where he works from closing in 2010.

Honored on Friday as Health Care Professional of the Year at the RA, Bradt not only saved 80 jobs, he also saved homes for the 100 diverse residents of the Albany County Nursing Home, a long-term facility.

As soon as the Albany County executive announced plans to close the facility, Bradt turned to NYSUT. "We quickly worked to put a plan in place," he said.

NYSUT and leaders from the Albany County Department of Residential Healthcare Facilities Professional Staff Association, created mailings and billboard ads on major highways in Albany.

"Key players realized our local was a force to be reckoned with, and the legislature overrode the executive," he said.

"It shows what NYSUT gives to its locals," said Bradt, food service director at the facility, who started out in the local union as vice president and then became president.

Bradt also has served as negotiations chair for each of the three contracts the union has had.

He attends all labor-management meetings, files all grievances and is the person almost all members go to with questions or concerns.

"There is simply no way to measure the time, effort and energy that Jeffrey Bradt has devoted," said Brenda Leto, secretary of the local union, who nominated him for the NYSUT honor.

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