May 02, 2010

Members added to Life Line

Source: RA 2010

NYSUT honored cool-headed action and quick thinking with its recognition of three members who had saved the life of another person in the past year. The names of the most recent additions to the Life Line Honor Roll will be displayed on a plaque in the NYSUT regional office of each recipient. So far 65 members have received the recognition since its inception in 1997.

This year's additions to the Life Line Honor Roll are:

• Susan Bachety of North Babylon TA, who performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking student, saving the student's life.

• Scott Hecht of Bay Shore Classroom TA, removed two teens from a burning truck moments before the truck exploded, saving the teens' lives.

• Gerald Placente of Poughkeepsie Public Schools TA saved a young girl, caught in a riptide, from drowning.

The RA also honored 16 United Federation of Teachers members who rushed to the aid of UFT member Armando Blasse when he collapsed during the Annual Legislative Conference of the New York State Black, Puerto Rican and Asian Legislators in February 2009. They delivered emergency first aid response, took shifts at the hospital, cared for his family and provided immeasurable support during difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately Armando could not be saved.

Those named to the UFT Life Line Honor Roll are: Shelvy Young-Abrams, Karen and Jamal Alford, Arlevia DeLoatch, Jason Goldman, Anthony Harmon, Carol Harrison, Janella Hinds, Tammie Miller, Michael Mulgrew, Marvin Reiskin, Sterling Roberson, Hector Ruiz, Theresa Samuels, Ualin Smith and Nina Tribble.


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