November 29, 2010

Kerry Kennedy talks about Speak Truth to Power curriculum project on Morning Joe (with video)

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In an appearance on the Monday, Nov. 29 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe to discuss the work of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, Kerry Kennedy talked about the Speak Truth to Power curriculum project developed in collaboration with NYSUT.

Willie Geist: We talk in such a familiar way about your group, but for viewers who aren't familiar with what exactly it is you all do, and why they can do a lot of good with this auction, what should they know about it?

Kerry Kennedy: We work with people who are the Martin Luther Kings of their countries - the leading human rights defenders around the world. People who've faced imprisonment or torture or death for basic rights that most Americans take for granted. So right now, we're working, for instance, on the health care crisis in Haiti, trying to stop the cholera epidemic. We're working in Mexico with indigenous rights issues there. We're working with tomato pickers here in southern Florida in the United States, where the group we work with has emancipated over 1,000 people from slavery over the last 10 years.

Joe Scarborough: It's amazing the number of people you get supporting this group. Of course we could talk about Jon Stewart, who is just great, or some of the other [celebrities], but also the teachers that are getting involved. We saw teachers getting involved, teaching their children about protecting the rights of others across the globe.

Kerry Kennedy: Absolutely, and that's a very exciting new program. We're working with NYSUT, which is the New York state's union of teachers, and that's going to be online starting Dec. 10, where all teachers across the state will have access to our human rights education materials. It's really amazing.


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