October 29, 2010

Make time to VOTE Tuesday

Source: NYUSUT Communications

A lot is at stake Nov. 2 and you have a say in what happens.

That is, if you take the time to vote.

A lot is at stake.

In New York, governor and lieutenant governor, attorney general, comptroller and both U.S. senators are up for election. It's the first time since 1913 that all statewide offices, even both U.S. Senate seats, are up for popular vote at the same time.

In addition, all 62 seats in the state Senate and all 150 seats in the state Assembly face election. That's right, all 212 members of New York's state legislature.

In addition to the U.S. Senate, all 29 members from New York of the House of Representatives are up. There are also multiple judicial positions up for election.

All of these races matter, because the balance of power is at stake and who is elected can impact your job, your benefits. Those elected in 2010 will also set redistricting lines for the Assembly, the Senate and Congress for the next decade.

Tuesday, Nov. 2: Make the time, take the time to vote.

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