September 23, 2010

Labor women join One Nation rally

Source: NYSUT Communications

The Coalition of Labor Union Women will be among the groups mobilizing for the One Nation rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Oct. 2. They will join thousands of sisters and brothers from labor, women's organizations, peace groups and other civil and human rights organizations calling for jobs, equality, economic opportunity and peace.

"Millions of families are struggling to make ends meet. We will march as One Nation Working Together to Put America Back to Work and to Pull America Back Together," said Carol Rosenblatt, executive director of CLUW, America's only national organization for union women. Formed in 1974, it is a nonpartisan organization within the union movement.

Nearly 200 progressive groups are coming together in One Nation, a multi-racial, labor, civil and human rights movement whose mission is to reorder our nation's priorities to invest in our nation's most valuable resource - our people, Rosenblatt said.

"After the Oct. 2 rally, tens of thousands of activists will return to their neighborhoods, congregations, schools and, especially, voting booths, fired up with new energy to take back the country," she said.

On the same day, the union movement will walk door to door in targeted states around the country, mobilizing union members for the fall elections.

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