September 09, 2010

NEA regional staff meet at NYSUT

Source: NYSUT Communications

New York and other Northeastern states face a host of challenges - from budget shortfalls to difficult election year political choices. Toiling in isolation is often unproductive; reaching across state borders to share information and tactics is a winning approach.

That is why NYSUT hosted a meeting this week of regional staff from the National Education Association, one of our two national union affiliates, along with the American Federation of Teachers.

"This visit to NYSUT is one of the many signs of our close working relationship with NEA," said NYSUT's Executive Director Pauline Kinsella. "Together with AFT, they provide a powerful voice for union members in Washington, and are a valuable resource on every issue we face in this state."

Strengthening members' political involvement, restoring fair funding for public schools and services and upcoming federal legislation all provoked lively, informative discussions.


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