September 14, 2010

SAT results show student diversity, link to academic rigor

Source: NYSUT Communications

The College Board today announced the SAT results for New York students.

The largest group ever of New York students - 161,139 members of the class of 2010 - took the SAT as part of their college preparation process.

Of those thousands of test takers, 42 percent were minority students, up from 32.2 percent in 2005 and 28.1 percent in 2000. In addition, 38.8 percent indicated they would be the first in their family to attend college.

The value of NYSUT's push for academic rigor was evident in the test results. Students who completed a core curriculum of four or more years of English, three or more years of math, three or more years of science and three or more years of social science and history far outscored their peers who did not, by an average of 60 points in each of the three SAT components.

The participation by the class of 2010 was 0.8 percent higher than the class of 2009. New York is among the top three states in SAT participation; 85.5 percent of all high school graduates take the SAT at some point during their career.


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