April 04, 2011

Elizabeth Peters: Health Care Professional Member of the Year

Source: RA 2011

Elizabeth Peters
Wayne Teachers Association

A school counselor and member of the Wayne TA, Elizabeth Peters advocated on behalf of school counselors for specific constituency representation in NYSUT after the merger with NEA-NY. Now she represents that constituency on the NYSUT Health Care Professionals Council. As a delegate to the NEA RA and the NYSUT RA, Peters has worked to broaden the state and national agendas to include school counselors and related educational professionals. She was featured as the school counseling voice of excellence in the 2010 NYSUT RA video "Defining Excellence."

Beginning with the year she achieved tenure, Peters served as WTA external vice president from 2002-2010. She served as a delegate to the NYSUT RA from 2006-2010 and, before the merger, as a delegate to the NEA-NY DA. She also served as a delegate to the NEA national RA. She serves on several committees, including the WTA PAC and community outreach committee. She established the local newsletter, Wayne's World, and published 75 editions from 2002-10. She has advised staff and administration on union issues and rights.

Professionally, Peters is actively involved at the building and district level. She advocated successfully to implement social/emotional safety and anti-bullying components to the district's curriculum. These include programs such as Life Skills, Kids and Company, Peace Makers and Net Smartz, along with a general emphasis on character education and adoption of district-wide character traits.


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