April 04, 2011

George Caulfield: Retiree Member of the Year

Source: RA 2011

George Caulfield
United Federation of Teachers

George Caulfield has been a member of the UFT for nearly 40 years. He taught for 23 years at Wadleigh Middle School in Harlem as a teacher of general science. After serving several years as a union delegate from the school, he was elected chapter leader for five years. Starting in September 1984, Caulfield was a part-time employee in the UFT Manhattan Borough Office, and in 1992 he became a full-time special representative. He served as educational liaison from the borough office from 1991-92. Elected District 3 representative in 1993, he held that position until his retirement from the Department of Education and the UFT in 2006.

Starting back in 1985, Caulfield had worked in the summers helping the AFT organize locals throughout the country. Since his retirement, he has assisted the AFT in even more organizing activities and political campaigns. For nearly a year, he worked with AFT national staff in Birmingham, AL, as an organizer and representative. In 2008, he was asked to help the Oregon FNHP in Portland in the efforts to organize nurses, and in 2009-10 he returned to do organizing, steward training, representation of members at grievances, arbitrations and mediations.

He is currently an elected delegate from the UFT retiree chapter to the DA and a member of the UFT Retired Teachers Chapter advisory committee.

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